AFWI Feedback Report

Palix Foundation

Palix Foundation, May 2019

This report provides a summary of the feedback the Palix Foundation has gathered
through a variety of means about the course since it was launched. Coinciding with the
release of this report (April 2019), the Foundation is also pleased to announce that this
feedback has now been incorporated into an updated version of the course designed to
improve user experience. Thanks to the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
(CCSA) the course is also now available in French enhancing its value as a national and
international resource. Creating and iteratively responding to feedback from stakeholders
engaged in processes it develops, supports and facilitates is a fundamentally important
part of the AFWI strategy. These feedback loops are critical to supporting a dynamic
innovation process directed at systems change and improvement in policy and practice
based on the brain story knowledge.