Carolyn Collins BA, LLB

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
Legal Co-ordinator & Program Officer

Carolyn Collins holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Edinburgh and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary. She also studied international politics at the University of Copenhagen as a precursor to her degree in law, with a focus on framing global political interplay to better predict strategic decision-making. Carolyn’s past professional highlights include Project Director to the Alberta Provincial Breast Cancer Program Chair and Planning Committee Member for Positively Pink, a non-profit education event to increase public knowledge of breast cancer. Carolyn manages the Foundation’s collaboration with the Change in Mind: Applying Neurosciences to Revitalize Communities Initiative, a groundbreaking pilot project aimed at using the core story of brain development to effect systems and policy change across North America. Carolyn is also spearheading the resilience scale prototype development and the infusion of the resilience model into post-secondary populations, along with her work for the Foundation’s General Counsel and strategic initiatives in the justice sector. She also has a long-standing history of volunteerism, including cancer prevention initiatives, equine rescue, and pet visitation therapy. Carolyn has travelled extensively and spends much of her spare time exploring the world in search of new adventures.