The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) is a multi-disciplinary initiative that connects early brain and biological development and children's mental health with addiction research, prevention, and treatment. The AFWI seeks to translate current research into sound policy and practice on behalf of Alberta families.

Integrating Science, Policy & Practice

It takes time, focus, and a concerted effort across institutions to translate scientific research into policy and practice. The AFWI provides resources and symposia to bring key stakeholders together to help inform policy and practice in Alberta, so that we can create a common framework of understanding.

FrameWorks Institute

On complex science issues, public perceptions frequently lag behind current research – sometimes by decades or more. To counter this delay in knowledge translation, the AFWI has enlisted the help of the FrameWorks Institute to craft a communications platform to make research on early brain and biological development, mental health, and addictions accessible to policy makers and the public. This will help speed the integration of current knowledge into Alberta's policies, systems, and services.

Alberta Solutions

Alberta's culture of innovation and pragmatism, along with the close ties between our public healthcare system and research universities, make our province the ideal jurisdiction to lead the way in using emergent science to innovate in early childhood mental health and addiction.

Our Partners

The AFWI relies on the expertise and cooperation of leading experts from the following organizations.

Our Values

The AFWI has five core values that drive all of our programs and projects.

Our History

The AFWI began with the Building Blocks for a Healthy Future conference in 2007, which brought policy makers together with leading experts in brain and child development to talk about the implications of this knowledge for negative health outcomes like addiction. The AFWI has since added further projects and events to its agenda and, in co-ordination with partnership organizations, broadened its mandate to include knowledge translation and mobilization.