What We Do

Creating change agents to find new approaches to health and wellness.

Knowledge Translation & Mobilization

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative supports the translation of scientific knowledge into forms that are easy for non-scientists to understand. It disseminates this information in a number of ways: at events, through resources, tools, and curricula, and across a range of media. The process of making scientific information broadly accessible is called knowledge mobilization, and its goal is to shift conversations, catalyze change, and support strong brain architecture and good mental health for children and families.

Professional Development & Training

Researchers, practitioners, and policy makers who work with children and families need opportunities to enhance their skills, explore new ideas, and make professional connections. To provide these opportunities, the AFWI partners with leading experts and institutions across North America representing a range of disciplines and sectors. These partnerships work to develop educational tools, curricula, and training programs for Albertans working in the fields of child development, mental health, and addiction. 

Cultivating Change Agents

The AFWI operates, supports, and is involved with several initiatives focused on mobilizing knowledge to cultivate and sustain change agents in Alberta and beyond. These projects include communication efforts, research programs, educational tools and curricula, public resources and services, and events. While most projects began with changes at the individual and community scale, many have expanded to influence the operations of organizations and systems.