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Brain Story Certification Course

Feedback Report

The Feedback Report summarizes approximately two years of feedback about the Brain Story Certification Course, a free online learning program developed by the AFWI. Here, you’ll find information about how the course is being used and by whom, as well as its efficacy as a tool for education and change acceleration. If you or your organization is interested in taking the Brain Story Certification Course, this report is for you.

Brain Story Certification Enrolment

As of February 2020

42,900 total participants enrolled

7,900 total course completions

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~90% recommended or will recommend to colleagues and friends

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>65% work in education, social work, healthcare & early childhood

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~90% said course content was effective and understandable

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109 countries represented by participants enrolled

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Since we launched the Brain Story Certification Course in December 2016, the AFWI has gathered ongoing feedback from participants. Does the course communicate concepts clearly? Is it easy to access and complete? Can an online course accelerate change? Is it catalysing new ways for individuals and organizations to work toward positive outcomes for children and families? The Feedback Report gives us insight into our efforts so far, and shows us how we can continue improving access to Brain Story knowledge in the future.

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Brain Story knowledge is relevant to everyone. It shows us how our brains are built, and how we can all contribute to better outcomes for children and families.

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