Allonna Harker

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
Scientific Associate

Allonna (Loni) Harker is a Scientific Associate with the Palix Foundation. She has a BSc. in Psychology and a MSc. in Behavioural Neuroscience and is currently a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience. Allonna’s research has focused on exploring the impact of father’s experience during the preconception period and how this experience can impact the brain and behavior of their offspring in either a positive or aversive manner. For the past five years, Allonna has been an Instructor III in the School of Liberal Education at the University of Lethbridge where she has shared the Brain Story Course with over 1,000 Undergraduates! In addition to her love of research and teaching, Allonna enjoys spending time with her 3 children and 7 grandchildren, camping, and travelling.