Experiences Get Carried Forward: How Albertans Think About Early Child Development

Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD

Stress, Brain Plasticity, Social Policy, Cultural Models, Serve and Return, Air Traffic Control

FrameWorks Institute, February 2010

Dr. Nat Kendall-Taylor from the FrameWorks Institute presents research on how to strategically communicate information about child development. Recognizing that patterns of understanding are heavily influenced by culture and are likely to vary across cultural groups, the report compares data gathered in the United States on early child development with interviews recently conducted in Alberta. The comparison confirms similarities in cultural assumptions and understandings and enumerates differences in the way individuals from these populations understand how young children develop. This comparison is essential in designing strategic communications in Alberta, as it indicates which frame elements already developed and tested in the United States could be usefully employed and similarly effective when applied in Alberta. The comparison also provides a strong indicator of which frame elements are likely to be lost in translation when travelling between cultures. Corresponding presentation documents and materials coming soon.