2011 Recovery from Addiction Symposium Summary Video

Palix Foundation

Stress, ACEs, Addiction, Brain Architecture

Palix Foundation, October 2011

This summary video records key messages from the faculty from the 2011 Recovery from Addiction: A Science in Action Symposium. Topics were grouped in four broad categories: 1. The neuroscience of addiction, including compelling evidence, from human and animal studies, connecting adverse early childhood experiences and development of addiction later in life; 2. The complexities of treating addiction, including the prevalence of multiple addictions, and the need to look at addiction developmentally and to treat the family as client in order to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of addiction within families; 3. Continuum-of-care issues, including a history of addiction treatment, the latest developments within Alberta's healthcare and correctional systems, opportunities to integrate addiction programs into the province's Primary Care Networks and approaches to addiction in Indigenous communities; 4. Quality improvement strategies and evaluation/change leadership, approaches to promoting screening and behavioural counselling interventions in primary care settings to reduce alcohol misuse, and strategies to ensure evidence-based policy making.

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