Talking About Children's Mental Health

FrameWorks Institute

FrameWorks Institute, September 2011

In this video, the FrameWorks Institute summarizes its research findings and communications recommendations on child mental health. The video provides an overview of FrameWorks research in the United States in 2009, comparing findings to research conducted in Alberta in 2011. FrameWorks recommends that, in Canada, advocates and experts use two values, interdependence and ingenuity, to help Albertans understand why other people's children's mental health is important to them. FrameWorks also recommends three simplifying models, or explanatory metaphors, to help Albertans understand the complex science of child mental health: the terms brain architecture, toxic stress, and levelness help people understand how healthy development happens, what derails it, and what solutions are available if development is derailed.

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