Kids Must Have Mental Health…But They Can't, Can They?

Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD

Cultural Models

FrameWorks Institute, March 2010

Dr. Nat Kendall-Taylor presents a FrameWorks Institute report prepared for the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI). The goal of the project is to facilitate the design and advancement of more effective ways of communicating about early child development and child mental health in Alberta. This report lays the groundwork for much of that research by examining Albertans’ initial and implicit understandings of the topic of child mental health. The FrameWorks Institute recognizes that patterns of understanding are heavily influenced by culture and are likely to vary between cultural groups. The report examines the culturally specific patterns of understanding employed by Albertans. These patterns were compared with an initial data set gathered in mid-2009 in the United States. In the comparative analysis, FrameWorks set out to confirm similarities in the culturally patterned understandings employed by Americans and Albertans in understanding child mental health, and to enumerate the specific parts of the cognitive terrain where there are key differences in the implicit ways in which members of these groups understand child mental health. Corresponding presentation documents and materials coming soon.