Translating Research into Practice: Findings from Two Group Randomized Trials on Alcohol Screening & Treatment

Steven Ornstein, MD

Service Delivery, Addiction, Research Programs

October 2011

In this session, Dr. Steven Ornstein from the University of South Carolina will describe the methods and findings from two group randomized trials of alcohol screening and intervention in 40 primary care practices in a U.S. practice-based research network (PPRNet).  The first is the “Accelerating Alcohol Screening–Translating Research into Practice” which was a three year group randomized trial assessing the impact of  guideline dissemination, distribution of an electronic health record (EHR) template with clinical decision support, and audit and feedback (control group) with these three interventions plus academic detailing, quality improvement assistance, and “best-practice” sharing.  The second is the “Implementation of Alcohol Screening, Intervention and Treatment in Primary Care (AM-TRIP)” which is a four year group-randomized cross-over study designed to assess the impact of academic detailing, quality improvement assistance, “best-practice” sharing, and audit and feedback with audit and feedback alone on alcohol screening, brief intervention, and alcohol medication use in patients with diabetes or hypertension.